Programs & Services

Marlow Hampshire provides a wide range of services to assist leadership, other capability development and organisational change in the scientific, technical and research sectors. Key consulting services include:


Leadership ecosystems

Design of Leadership ecosystem structures including the development of leadership capability models.


Flagship Research Leader development programs conducted in Victoria & NSW.
Research & Scientific Administrator leadership development programs conducted in Victoria targeted at biomedical and biopharmaceutical managers, lab managers, animal lab managers, clinical trials coordinators and equivalent.
Leadership development programs for clinical and health leaders.

Academic leadership development

Academic leadership development programs conducted internally for Universities, Faculties and Schools. These are typically tailored to specific roles or academic contexts. Programs have been run for Executive Teams, University Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences, Engineering, Architecture and the Built Environment, Schools of Business, Law, Education.

Early and Emerging Leader development

Early and Emerging Leader development programs as part of workforce and succession planning.

Leaders in Transition

Leader in Transition programs to assist senior University and other leaders to step down from senior roles and think through next step career plans.

Offsite facilitation

Facilitation of Leadership team away-days, conferences and working parties.

“The experience of the planning retreat facilitated by Larry Marlow was thought provoking and provocative. It exceeded my expectations, brought the team together with a common focus and left us with clear directions for action. The team is looking forward to the follow up with him”.

Industry Engagement training

Researcher-Industry Engagement training programs for University researchers.

Leadership development

Leadership development programs for professional disciplines such as nursing, surgeons, engineers etc. We conduct an international program for nursing leaders, have assisted University-industry programs and have worked with numerous public sector agencies to develop their leaders.

Culture and behaviour change

Assistance in managing culture and behaviour change programs as well as intervention in dysfunctional work teams to improve performance.

Internal mentoring

Establishment of internal mentoring systems, training of mentors and executive coaching of senior leaders.

governance structure review

Reviews of governance structures and programs and retraining of leaders in new roles following restructuring.

Ad Hoc Consulting assignments

We have undertaken a wide range of ad hoc consulting assignments including:

  • Reviews of recruitment and workforce planning strategies

  • Reviews of governance structures and program delivery

  • Delivery of programs to review and enhance positive cultures and eliminate bullying & harassment

  • Workshops to build positive stakeholder relationships

  • Interventions for poorly performing or dysfunctional teams

  • Executive coaching to assist leaders at different stages of their career

  • Workshops to enhance emotional intelligence, presentation and influence skills of scientific and professional staff

We are happy to discuss ad hoc projects and tailored strategic capability development programs.