the need to identify & develop the leaders of the future & Aiding Leadership transition

The pool of future leaders is not being identified early enough and being developed fast enough to match the swiftly changing environment and its strategic challenges.

It is not uncommon to take people with no management or leadership training and tell them to run a team and assume they should just know what to do and how to manage others.

“[as a new leader] it feels like you are thrown in the deep end to ‘sink or swim’. These 4 days have been like taking swimming lessons to improve the chances of making it in a leadership career”

Future leaders are not being adequately developed to deal with such issues as the breakdown of traditional discipline boundaries, information gathering breadth and overload, new disruptive technologies, different expectations and values of young people entering the workforce, managing personal stress and work-life balance, making good decisions in situations of uncertainty and ambiguity.

“I wish I had had access to a program like this years ago when I first commenced as an academic. Even working with people whom I highly value, they have not been able to de-mystify and articulate the habits, skills, processes etc of a high performing academic leader the way this workshop has”.

At the other end of the career pathway help is required to support an ageing leadership demographic to step aside, to invest in mentoring junior staff, to transition to phased retirement or to move to other roles within their organisation or the sector.

Future Leaders in the Ecosystem.png