Marlow Hampshire

Enhancing the impact of scientific, research and technical leadership


ReDefining The contemporary Leadership challenge


The need for better leadership development

The environment in which most organisations find themselves and the capabilities needed for leadership have changed but the methods used to develop leaders has not.

The need to identify & develop the leaders of the future

The pool of future leaders is not being identified early enough and being developed fast enough to match the swiftly changing environment and its strategic challenges.

The need to develop scientific, technical & research leaders

Two-thirds of researchers and scientists who head laboratories and research groups identified by a recent NATURE survey said they had not had training in managing people or running a lab.

The need to catalyse organisation culture & behaviour

Many organisations still develop strategy as a written document together with value statements without an understanding that, to be effective, this process requires a following stage of attitudinal and behaviour change.


The Leadership Ecosystem

Nurturing a culture of leadership culture & practice:
At different career stages and at both team & individual level

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