The urgent need to develop scientific, technical & research leaders

Two-thirds of researchers and scientists who head laboratories and research groups identified by a recent NATURE survey said they had not had training in managing people or running a lab.

This survey of 3,200 scientists revealed the tensions bubbling in research groups around the world. Whilst morale of these groups was generally reported as reasonably high, signs of stress were evident. Around 20% of respondents were negative about their group describing them as “competitive”, “stressful”, “tense” and “toxic”.

We have found similar dynamics in a range of technical and professional organisations where excellent individual contributors such as scientists, academics, lawyers, architects, engineers, doctors and curators may struggle when appointed to leadership roles.

“This is a fantastic course and is filling a huge need both in the research field but also very much in clinical delivery. This course and the topics discussed should form part of the mandatory training for all those researchers and clinicians who manage staff”

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